Who We Are

Small Family Business

When you work with RAP Cat Design, you are not working with a faceless company that doesn't care about you and your business. No, you are working directly with the owners. Rejean, Aumarie and Payton Gagne are the RAP in RAP Cat Design. Where does the cat come from?  EH, could be any number of their cats but truth is the logo was designed off a drawing that young Payton has drawn a bunch of times over the years and we decided if we were going to be a family business we all needed a part.

Rejean has been working with design and websites since 2000 in one capacity or another and in that time have hones those skills and added others to include photography and video editing and creation and even dabbling in some animation. 

Aumarie brings a passion for design and an great skill in bringing ideas to life. She is skilled in Excel and AutoCad as well as great with her hands.

Payton might be the youngest but she has a great skill in creating art in many mediums, from pencil to paper to sculpture and video creating.